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7 Ways to Increase The Number of Offers on Your Portsmouth Home


Pinpoint recent market demands to add attraction.

Buyers seeking Homes for sale in Portsmouth change their desires frequently. The National Association of REALTORS® regularly peeks at the latest home-buying activity. Last year, from July 2021 to July 2022, buyers eagerly negotiated to close the sale but weren’t afraid to assert their intentions. Taking these efforts will engender more traffic to your listing.

Get a step ahead with an inspection

While some buyers will waive a home inspection at the closing table, having a certified inspector examine the home is a bright idea. Some people will pull out of the deal last minute if they find out there are undisclosed repairs or the negotiation doesn’t go well. An inspector can look for faulty electrical or plumbing work, worn siding, or other damage that needs to be amended for the next homeowner. Finding out what flaws must be corrected will help you prepare for the entire selling journey.

Take advantage of real estate innovations

As technology advances, so does the home-selling process. Homeowners and their Portsmouth Real Estate Agents have the convenience of streamlining their marketing efforts online. The NAR report showed that 9% of home buyers chose a house solely on virtual marketing. Internet open houses, showings, and 3D home tours were all it took for them to settle on a property. Real Estate Agents are noticing this remarkable trend. After a virtual open house or other marketing event, agents post them on social media for permanent access. Social media marketing creates a larger audience, greater viewing opportunities, and a more significant amount of offers.

First-time homebuyers are the usual customer

A Real Estate Agent survey showed that 26% of the market comprises new homebuyers. A tactic to hook this niche market is education. Your Real Estate Agent will likely include a sign-up sheet at your crowded open house and contact them after the event with a follow-up email or phone call. They will know first-time home buyers would appreciate information on the home-buying process, such as searching for the right neighborhood or navigating the lending process. Gearing your marketing strategies to the right buyers will guarantee success.

Accentuate the positives of your house

Emphasize the characteristics of your Portsmouth home that will make it stand out. For example, the NAR saw another pattern: buyers yearn to move out of the city to rural, smaller, suburban, or resort neighborhoods. The City of Portsmouth answers the call. As New Hampshire’s only seaport, the town is situated on the coast where this state and the Atlantic Ocean meet. It is small but still elite, with a lively downtown, historic district, arts festival, and boat cruise. It has 22 parks, including Prescott Park, a gorgeous oceanfront park decorated with vibrant foliage, and the annual Prescott Park Arts Festival site. The residents experience the sophisticated yet rustic living that current homebuyers seek.

Other things buyers look for are the local school rankings and the availability of activities. Quality schools are meaningful for single professionals and large families because a high-performing school district indicates a higher quality of life. The Portsmouth School District is in the top 20 percent of all New Hampshire schools, with top-notch reading and math proficiency, a low student-to-teacher ratio, and a 95% graduation rate. These statistics would be attractive to any buyer.

Describing the wealth of recreational choices in Portsmouth will draw in more buyers. The town also has numerous activities and amusements that buyers will be interested in. PortCity Bike Tours, which runs along the Piscataqua River and the Atlantic Ocean, is an engaging way to get fresh air and learn about the history of Portsmouth and New Castle. Scavenger Hunts, supported by a phone app, has stops in Portsmouth that allow players to see the best parts of town. Société: Healing Teas & Apothecary is a wellness shop that guests can use to find their health regimen.

Spruce up the interior and exterior appearance

Buyers will fall in love with houses for sale in Portsmouth that look pristine. The first step to increasing the allure of a home is by enhancing its curb appeal. Home shoppers will rush to a house with a newly manicured lawn, preened shrubs, and weeded gardens. Adding some bright yet tasteful pottery would complement a neat and trimmed exterior.

The interior will also sell itself with proper staging. A house cleaned out of clutter, organized, and scrubbed will make it look newer. Decorations like wall art or artistic pillows create a posh environment. A professional stager can provide a polished look. Investing time and money in a beautiful first impression leads to higher profits.

Futuristic amenities are highly sought after

Other requests made by recent home buyers include the latest designs and trends. Many are looking for rooms designated for specific purposes, like home gyms or offices. Sustainability is a growing priority: if there are energy-efficient appliances in the home, highlighting that would be pleasing to potential buyers. Ingenious smart home features like smart light bulbs, smart locks, and even smart steam closets create unanticipated convenience. If your home already has these features or you install the upgrades, buyers will put your house on the top of the list.

Time-honored comforts are still important

Home shoppers still want assets that make the home comfortable and relaxing. Having a separate laundry room is appealing and leads to better organization. A walk-in pantry is in the same category. Culinary enthusiasts enjoy setting up their ingredients, being creative with their meals, and having ample shelving to store as much as they like. Finally, exterior illumination is a stellar thing to add. The bright addition will uplift all who enter and add home security.

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